HR & Recruitment Services

Business Alliance provides specialized Human Resource and Recruitment Assistance Services  based on best practices and international standards, local economy and society needs. BA provides these services under Levant Gulf Human Resources (LGHR) as a professional services brand. LGHR provides effective HR assistance services to individuals and corporate customers where our current products and service can be categorized as follows:


  • HR Management and Consultation Services:

Companies are always on the face of challenges, including financial challenges, new government policies and laws, new competitor entry, etc. And hence, the company leadership need to make quick change and so on, and here comes our role to provide assistance and support, plan and implement the necessary modifications/changes through some or all of the following interventions:

  1. HR Assessment / Audit.
  2. Organizational Structure Redesign
  3. Competencies designing and implementation.
  4. Performance and Reward Management Policy
  5. Reviewing, designing and introducing HR operational policies/guidelines
  6. HR Outsourcing Services   – Totally or partially
  • Recruitment Assistance Service:

The main objective of Recruitment Assistance Services is to provide the right candidates to our customers through reliable and efficient process and procedures.  Our course of action is direct and immediate.  We are so flexible in terms change and customization to serve the specific needs and changes of our clients which allows them to concentrate on core business, the following services are offered under recruitment services:

  1. Workforce planning.
  2. Sourcing and Screening.
  3. Professional Psychometric Assessments.
  4. Interviews and Reference checks.
  5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).
  6. Staffing Services.
  • Career Management & Development Services:

The aim of a career & development management is to ensure long-term career success, through creating and implementing a detailed plan of a person’ career, which will help in meet the specific and anning for direction and ability to navigate through different challenges, hardships and opportunities.

Our role is to support clients (Companies or Individuals) through consultation/mentoring  aiming to creating a structured career plan and helping them understanding what they are  trying to achieve. We also work toward building consecutive practical goals towards the desired goa. The steps for that are:

  1. Self Awareness through utilizing International 3rd party Professional Psychometric Assessments.
  2. Define directions through one-to-one consultation.  
  3. Career development plans and support.
  • Professional Profiling & Resume Development:

This service support the creation and managing the professional personal brand of a person; it’s the elevator of presenting The “Right” impression of candidates to the Recruiter / Hiring Manager. It also enhances the readability of the candidate resume or profile, thus making it user-friendly to recruiters and hiring managers.  Likewise, it can be reflected on the preparation for the interview through equipping the candidate with the right tactic of presenting skills and expertise and how to deal with stress. the following services are offered:

  1. Interview preparation.
  2. Resume & Bio drafting and revision.
  3. Creating and managing digital presence.